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A Day (Err,Weekend) in the Life #AMonthofFaves


A Day (or Weekend) in the Life. What did you do on Saturday, December 8th … or the weekend – December 8-9. Let’s take a peak into each others’ lives as as we chronicle what we all did on that day (or during the weekend). 

Thanks for joining me,  Tamara, Tanya Patrice, and Kim for this event!




6:20 – How is it that I’m awake before the alarm every day? Even on Saturday!

6:30 – Get the coffee started.

6:45 – Get hubs and the boy up and out of bed. 

7:45 – Hubs and kiddo are out the door. Hubs has a training, and kiddo is going to his dad’s house across the street from the training.

8:00 – Out the door myself…off for coffee and chatter with my mom. I grabbed three sausage patties on my way out the door for breakfast. Ha!

10:00 – Back home! Quick shower and wrap up some Etsy shop orders that need to go out. 

12:30 – The house needs a quick tidy, but I’m not feeling it. Curl up on the couch with a basket of crochet for Christmas gifts, a chicken breast sandwich and pork rinds (low WW points) for lunch.

1:30 – Still on the couch, but I’ve added a weenie dog to the mix (much snuggles) and downloaded The Devil Wears Prada.

2:30 – Hubs is home! He stopped to get groceries along the way. We spend some time talking about his day and brainstorming for some upcoming business plans we’ve been working on together.

3:30 – Movie time! More Devil Wears Prada and crochet.

4:30 – What was I even doing? OH! Having a coffee for a snack. My favorite creamy mocha…only two WW points! Recipe: coffee of your choice, a tablespoon of white chocolate mocha sugar free Skinny Syrup, creamer (dictates a lot of the points), and a squirt of Hershey’s whipped cream. 

Black and white mug says "mom fuel" on the front with frothy, mocha coffee inside.

5:30 – Movie is over, dogs are still snuggling me, and I’m writing this post. Starting Ghostbusters (2016) while I write some other posts since I don’t really need to follow it closely. I pretty much have it memorized.

6:30 – Still writing and making images for posts and Pinterest. Really need to wake hubs up from a too-long nap. 

7:30 – Finally dinner time! Tex-Mex takeout. Continue to crochet until bedtime. 

10:15 – Hubs is off to bed. Time to do some Scripture writing and music listening. 

11:00 – Attempt to read on the couch…fall asleep instead.

4:00am – Oh hey. Bed time, for real! 


8:30am – Awake. Sorta. 

9:00 – Off to Mom’s for coffee, silliness, and multi-grain Cheerios. Wearing a hat I crocheted!

10:30 – Back home. Not sure what’s gotten into me, but there’s a cleaning spree happening. Went through dresser drawers, tossed things, donated, consolidated drawers, folded laundry, cleaned up clutter, folded more laundry. 

12:30 – A lunch of low cal popcorn (Jolly Time 100 cal) and BBQ pork rinds. 

Christmas tree in the center of the photo with multicolor lights, a variety of ornaments and a pile of gifts underneath.

2:30 – More cleaning and watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube. Time to put on The Muppet Christmas Carol and wrap gifts. 

3:00 – Hubs is off to a Cub Scout committee meeting. He’ll be gone for at least four hours. Mark my words. 

3:40 – Gifts are wrapped, mess is cleaned up. OOPS! Was supposed to leave 15 minutes ago to pick up the boy. Good thing his dad is running late, too. No time to shower, so it’s out the door in sweats with weird hair. 

5:00 – Back home, jump on the trampoline with kiddo for five minutes until my toes are freezing, kiddo into the shower, then me into the shower, finalize dinner. 

6:00 – Dinner time! Chili! Finish this post (mostly) and grade!

8:15 – Kiddo to bed. Grade some more. 

10:00 – Bedtime for me. ZzzzzZZZZzzzz. 

Whew! What did you do this weekend? Don’t forget to link up right here! 

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