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Winter Reading! #amonthoffaves

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#AMonthofFaves Winter Reading – Your fave reads from last Winter, and /or seasonal reads you love, and 5 books on this year’s winter reading list.

Be sure to check out Tamara, Tanya Patrice, and Kim, my fearless co-hosts, as well as the other folks taking part in #AMonthofFaves. 

Honestly, I wasn’t totally sure which direction to take today’s prompt. My reading is SO free range lately, it’s hard to think about reading in terms of plans, so what better way than a mish-mash? 

Fun Seasonal Books I’ve Read (or Used) and Can Recommend: 

The cover image of Johanna's Christmas: a Festive Coloring Book by Johanna Basford. The cover is covered in Christmas doodle drawings with a gold-leaf wreath in the middle containing the title of the book.

I recently picked up Johanna Christmas: A Festive Coloring Book for myself because I was feeling those Christmas coloring vibes. If you’re not familiar, her coloring books are pretty intense with lots of detail, but I love them, and they keep me busy for a while. 

I recommend Prismacolor pencils for this kind of coloring book. Anything will do, but if you’re kinda hardcore like me, these pencils are amazing for shading. Here’s the 36 pack, but I admit, I have (and love) the 72 count. 

Cover of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by L. Frank Baum shows a vintage image of Santa leaving gifts in a stocking with a bag of gifts beside him.

Honestly, I don’t sit down to read a Christmas, or other holiday book, very often. BUT, last year, I did just that. 

I really enjoyed L. Frank Baum’s The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus. It tells Santa’s story from birth on up to reindeer and gift delivering. As you might expect from Baum, it’s super weird in spots, but overall, a heartwarming (yep, said it) holiday read. Also, it’s 99 cents on Kindle, so you really can’t lose. 

Books That are (Probably) on My Near Horizon

These have absolutely nothing to do with the holidays, but they’re the books I can see myself reading soon because they’re somehow calling from my devices. 

Castle Waiting, volumes 1 and 2, by Linda Medley are graphic novels I’ve wanted to read for ages, but my library’s copies are real gross. I’ll definitely take advantage of the digital opportunity since Heather tipped me off that they’re available on Comixology Unlimited. 

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand is one I’m already reading! Who really knows if it’ll last to winter (four more days…probably not). Sawkill Rock is creepy, and things are happening to young women from there. SO WEIRD and I’m only a few pages in. I’m definitely intrigued. 

An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena is about people caught in upstate New York, in an inn in a snowstorm. Of course murder ensues. OF COURSE.  Sounds creepy and seasonal, and I’m about both of those things. Also, you trusty readers have left some really great reviews and ratings of this one on Goodreads. 

NOW, I can’t wait to see your winter reading plans, or even your winter reading remembrances! Be sure to link up right here. 

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