When I Say I’m a Christian

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. –Matthew 10:16

Professing one’s faith comes with a lot of baggage. Look at the media. Look at the evangelical community in the news. Our crooked lawmakers, backwards, faux-Christian President, and prosperity evangelicals.

I cringe. I know others do. I wonder what people think when I profess my faith? Are they wondering if I’m one of “those” Christians? The kind that get off on hatred. The kind that take their cue from the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus’s day–the religious leaders who enjoy(ed) their high position, the best seats in the synagogue, and dupe(d) widows out of their meager resources. Who turn their noses up at a “foreigner” in need. Jesus warned us about those folks.

I “came out” with my faith on Facebook because I am so tired of people using Scripture to cover over Trump’s bullshit shenanigans. If you see me talking about Christ on Facebook, I am probably passive aggressively talking to those people. Is it a good reason to embark on a faith journey? It doesn’t matter. That’s why I started mine. That’s the only good thing I’ve gotten from 45.

One year of study, prayer, a renewed faith in the potential good of Christianity and a belly full of fire at how it gets screwed up by hate.

So hey! I’m back. Maybe? I’m here. I’m wrestling. I’m struggling. I’m trying NOT to be silent. I’m exhausted from a long day of work, my ankles are swollen from sitting and grading for hours, I’m ranty, and I’d rather listen to loud music and fold laundry than almost anything, but this post was knocking on the inside of my head to get out. I miss this space, but it’s not going to be the same as it was.

Let’s burn it all down.


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  • Ti

    I’ve had more success by not sharing my faith in an obvious way. I share what I do, and then people tend to ask me about it. When i volunteer at outreach, I mention it. Not because I am not serving humbly but because I like it and I like to talk about things I like. People then see the change IN me and then ask me about it. It’s a subtle way of dropping it without looking like you are one of those rah rahs holding a sign.

    • Andi

      I agree when it’s in person. I’m thinking more of my online life since that’s where I’ve always felt most comfortable speaking about…everything. I rarely rah rah sign-hold. I just can’t do it. lol

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