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Two Books Worth the Hype, and One that Can Wait #AMonthofFaves

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Welcome back to the second day of #AMonthofFaves! Today Tamara, Kim, Tanya Patrice, and myself will be taking a look at books worth (and not worth) the hype from 2018!

Admittedly, at first I thought, “Really? Y’all are looking at me to have read ANY hyped books from 2018?” but when I gave my Goodreads list a once-over, I actually did read a few newer books among ALL the backlist. Let’s waste no time…

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory is a romance novel with some pretty good hype behind it from early in the year. I didn’t get around to it until summer, but this audiobook was absolutely delightful. When high-powered attorney, Alexa Monroe, gets stuck in an elevator with Drew Nichols, MD, she agrees to something she would normally never go for: to accompany him to his ex’s wedding the following evening. Two high-powered professionals on a crash coarse to long-distance disaster? Maybe! I’m not telling. I loved this one enough that I immediately pre-ordered Guillory’s second book, The Proposal.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang was another one that grabbed me by the hair…not just for it’s hotness (it’s really hot), but for its inclusiveness. Stella Lane is amazing at math and economics and algorithms and piano. She’s not so great at dating, especially since she has Aspberger’s and french kisses evoke images of sharks getting their teeth cleaned by pilot fish. She employs a professional escort to help her master the ways of dating, flirting, and lovemaking. It’s super hot, super consensual, and just awesome all the way around. Get this book RIGHT NOW!

Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel was super buzzy right around RIPXIII time, and I caved real fast. While it was fun, and there are things to admire, this is my “wait til it’s on sale” pick. It’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re hanging onto your purse strings, it can definitely wait. There’s a super jolt of nostalgia in the first half of the book with a story that matches up perfectly to the movie. The latter half, the all-new sequel, was far more enjoyable and definitely diversified the cast in a few key ways, which I certainly appreciate.

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