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In past years, I’ve showed you our Christmas tree, shared recipes, and discussed gift giving, but this year I want to approach the holidays a little differently. 

My son’s dad and myself coparent. We’ve both been remarried, but we know it’s our #1 responsibility to make a life for our son. Therefore, we’ve developed some Christmas coparenting traditions. 

Every year, on Christmas morning, Chuck and his family, Greyson, and my husband and I, all get together to celebrate. Greyson usually spends a few days before Christmas with one of us, and then that morning is our time to have time together and switch off so he can go to the other parent’s house for a few days. 

We congregate, usually at G’s dad’s house around 9 or 10am, have some snacks, I refuse the eggnog (always), and we open gifts. There’s always a lot of laughter, and Greyson loves having us all together for obvious reasons, and he quite likes the attention and performance involved. He’s a ham. He comes by it honestly. 

When he was a baby, we never saw this particular tradition coming, but I’m glad of it. I’m proud of the coparenting we do, the ways we’ve brought our families together, and the boy we’re raising. 

Your turn! We’re tickled to read about your holidays!


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