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State ofWhen I decided to jump headlong back into blogging, I did have the question, “Does anyone even do this anymore?” I’ve been blogging for over 13 years, see, and many of the folks I followed in my “prime” have left their blogs for other platforms. I get it. We are very much an instant gratification, keep it short sort of Internet, but I’m still compelled to write. In pursuit of my own interests, and totally selfishly I want to chat with you all about blogging. How’s it going? Is it going? Are you feeling the pull of other platforms? Gonna ditch it all and podcast?

Let’s talk about it.

November 9, 8pm Central on Facebook Live

Find the chat here: Estella’s Revenge Blog Facebook

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  • iliana

    Really curious to hear your take and what others think about book blogging. It is quite different from when we first started isn’t it? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to join the live but will try.

    • Andi

      I had such sad, ill-timed tech issues on chat night, but we ended up having a good text chat over on my FB page. I’ll definitely try again!

  • Les in OR

    We’re going to be out, so I’ll miss your chat, but I’m eager to hear what folks have to say. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and I still enjoy this method of keeping track of my reading and travels. I miss the bloggers who have drifted away, as I’m not on Twitter (which is where I think a lot of the book chatter has gone), but I’m thankful there are still some of the original bloggers who I started following over a dozen years ago. Looking forward to your post after the chat!

    • Andi

      Sadly, I had to reschedule the chat, but I definitely will circle back around to it. Tech is great until it isn’t. lol I’m thankful to have known all of you for such a long time now. 17 years now, for me, since I joined Yahoo Groups! Time flies.

  • Catherine

    No kidding, Andi! Virtually ALL of our cohort of book bloggers has moved on: Shannon, April, Jennifer, Marisa, Alison, Rebecca, Katie, and Leah. Books kind of feel extraneous these days with as hellish as America has become, but I keep writing anyway. I feel like the old crone of book blogging and I’m too old and tired to bookstagram…

    • Andi

      I hear you. You are definitely no crone. Badass, for sure. And I haven’t had the bandwidth for Bookstagram, either. Too much dog hair covering everything in my house!

  • Bellezza

    Looking forward to this discussion, Andi, as it is quite pertinent to those of us who have blogged for many, many years…before Twitter and Instagram, really. I constantly scratch my head over the relevance of what I put out, weighed against my (declining) interest. Good to see you on WordPress!

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